• Exhibition
November 23-27, 2022
Tokyo, Japan
Various size

A shimekazari is one of Japanese traditional cultures to decorate homes on New Year's Day in order to welcome the god of the New Year, and this culture has taken root since ancient times. This time, 10 types of shimekazari were selected from every region of Japan, and the shape, which was originally bundled with straw, was all made of copper wire to bring it back to life again. By archiving a wide variety of types spread throughout the country and pursuing universal beauty that lasts for thousands of years, we hope it gives an opportunity for people to have second thoughts about this beautiful culture.

日本では古来より新年の年神様をお迎えするために家先にしめ飾りを飾る、という文化が根付いている。 今回は全国の様々な地域から10種類のしめ飾りをセレクトし、本来藁で束ねられるこのお飾りを全て銅線を用いて再び命を吹き込んだ。 日本全国に広がる多種多様な種類をアーカイブし、幾千年続く普遍的な美を追求することで、この美しい文化を再認識する機会になればと願う。

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