Encapsulated environmental system : Paludarium YASUTOSHI

Date : December 12, 2020
Place : Standby, Tokyo, Japan

Encapsulated environmental system: Paludarium YASUTOSHI

Size : H1890 × W1038 × D1038 (mm)

Paludarium, a small conservatory invented in England in the 19th century, is a plant protection machine that has been later exhibited at the Paris Expo and such.
People placed a precious plant shipped from foreign lands inside a glass-walled container, and appreciated watching its growing cycles at different lands and at their home far away from the plant’s own home.
The series of “Paludarium” is a result of new interpretation of Paludarium, which is now equipped with various functions and transformed into a contemporary encapsulated environmental system.
“Paludarium YASUTOSHI”is the 5th version of this series.

This machine is fully equipped with a mist machine as if wrapping plants in a fog from both sides and drip feed-water system which can be activated depending on the situation in order to maintain the condition of a plant and control inside temperature and humidity.
Also the cylindrical shape can fully capture the natural light by 365°angles from glasses, and it can correspond to plant growth by having the series’ largest scale of height.
Fans on the ceiling play a role of wind, and a plant can listen music from the waterproofed speakers.

The machine takes in essential elements – rain, wind, light and sound – by artificial means and completes a small world where its ecological cycle is condensed.
It enables us to admire the beauty of the plants by not being affected by external environment.



Encapsulated environmental system : Paludarium YASUTOSHI

Encapsulated environmental system : Paludarium YASUTOSHI
December 12, 2020
Standby, Tokyo, Japan