Botanical Animation “Story of Flowers 2"

Date : April 30, 2020
Place : AMKK

Botanical Animation “Story of Flowers 2″

The Story of Flowers animation series launched in 2017 as a gift to children worldwide, with the first film exploring the life cycle of
flowering plants. In part two we delve into the relationship between flowers and humans: the way we involve flowers in our lives through
various cultures and practices. The animation looks at flowers not from a material viewpoint; instead seeing them as symbols of
connection, a way we share emotions. It is Azuma’s vision to show children the deep connection between flowers and ourselves, and turn
their eyes to the power and potential of flowers.

Directed by : Azuma Makoto
Illustration by : Katie Scott
Animation by : James Paulley
Visual Supervise by : Shunsuke Shiinoki
Project Management by : Eri Narita

Botanical Animation “Story of Flowers 2″

Botanical Animation “Story of Flowers 2″
April 30, 2020