EXOBIOTANICA 2 - Botanical space flight -

Date : August 12, 2017
Place : Lovelock Desert, Nevada, USA

Exobiotanica 2 -Botanical Space Flight-

“In Bloom” is an experimental series in which flowers are arranged in naturally impossible situations. In the first installment of this series, “EXOBIOTANICA” plant life was launched up into the stratosphere. In the second installment,
“DAGAT & BULAKLAK”, a large mass of flowers was placed in the middle of the ocean. In the third installment “Deep Sea,” the plant life was placed within the deep ocean. For this fourth installment, we will be revisiting space by again,
launching flowers into the stratosphere.

For this installment, the subject – the flowers – will be significantly larger and heavier than in our first installment. Weighing approximately 6kg with a diameter of approximately 1.5m, we will launch this huge “bouquet” from the Love Lock
Desert of Nevada, US. The bouquet will then be arranged around the structure of the Earth. Although we were previously not able to due to the weight limit, for this project we will be using a medium-format mirrorless camera to best
capture the process of change and movement in the flowers in full clarity.

The ever-changing landscape of the flowers, the changes in lighting and contrast from the direct rays from the sun, the ways in the which the flowers will react in an environment of -60°C, and the way in which they will scatter and fall
back to the ground… we will record this epic documentary of the flowers’ progress from ground to heavens, and back.

Date: August 12, 2017
Place: Lovelock Desert, Nevada, US

First Vehicle (Dual balloon)
Name: #126 TANDEM ‘World Flowers’
Altitude approximately: 101,000 feet (30,785M)
Landing Distance: 28.5 miles (45.9km)
Flight Time 2 hours, 15 minutes

Second Vehicle (Single Balloon)
Name: #124 SINGLE ‘World Plants’
Altitude: 92,833 feet (28,295M)
Landing Distance: 35 miles (56.3km)
Flight Time: 1 hour 57 mins

Third Vehicle (Single Balloon)
Name: #125 SINGLE ‘World FlowersⅡ’
Altitude: 92,833 feet (28,295M)
Landed on peak at 7,092 feet (2,162M)
Landing Distance: 54.2 miles (87.2km)

In collaboration with: JP Aerospace / SIX Inc. / Hakuhodo Product’s Inc. / Mt. MELVIL

EXOBIOTANICA 2 – Botanical space flight –

EXOBIOTANICA 2 – Botanical space flight –
August 12, 2017
Lovelock Desert, Nevada, USA